In order to reach the youth of our city, the Activate High School and Crux Jr. High ministries are hosting their second evangelistic outreach, “The Uprising.” At the last event, we saw nearly 800 young people in attendance with over 200 of them making commitments or recommitments to follow Christ. And we want more young people to rise up and live for a greater purpose: to know God and to make Him known!  We want the young people of our city to stop living for the things of this world and start living according to God’s Word. We want students to make a difference in their homes, schools, churches, and communities. We want an uprising. There will be a concert featuring the band Leeland and an evangelistic message from Pastor Jon Lee. This is a great opportunity to invite jr. high and high school students to hear the gospel!

Here is the info:

  • When: Wednesday, October 17 at 7pm
  • Where: The Court at Harvest
  • Cost: Free
  • Band: Leeland
  • Speaker: Pastor Jon Lee

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