This past Wednesday, the Activate high school and Crux junior high ministries at Harvest hosted their second Uprising, a youth outreach designed to impact the students of our city with the gospel.

Excitement was high, expectations were great, and the Lord did more than we could ask or think. The Court was packed with 906 young people, many of which were brought by friends. The night included music from Leeland, who shared songs from their new album The Great Awakening, and how they desire to see revival among today’s youth. The high energy and loud music led to the greatest event of the night, the preaching of God’s Word. Pastor Jon Lee shared a message on how the youth can “rise from the dead” and find true life in Jesus—and 109 students responded by making commitments to follow Christ.

The problems and pressures that today’s youth are facing are unprecedented. Things that were virtually unheard of a generation ago—sexting, cyberbullying, guns in school, the open extolment of homosexuality, and a heightened antagonism towards Christianity, for example—have become commonplace among today’s youth culture. To live the life of a genuine Christ follower is almost revolutionary, hence the event’s strong title.

This generation needs to wake up and rise above societal standards and cultural norms. The verse Pastor Jon preached from is fitting, “Awake, O sleeper, and arise from the dead, and Christ will shine on you” (Ephesians 5:14, ESV). He said, “The youth of this nation need Jesus. You do not need more motivational speaking or more programs. You don’t need to turn to drugs, alcohol, sex, porn, medication, or beauty to give you purpose. You need Jesus! Wake up and live for Jesus!” And by God’s grace, many students did just that.

Will you pray for an uprising among today’s youth? Pray that they would rise up and reach out with the gospel; that they would impact their friends, families, schools, homes, and communities with the love of Jesus. And specifically pray for those 109 individuals who made decisions for Christ, that they would remain close to Him through His Word, get connected to the youth ministries, and build strong Christian friendships. May the young people of God continue to rise up for the purposes of God!

To see the Uprising pictures, click here!

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