The Uprising is almost here! At our last Uprising, the Lord exceeded all of our expectations and brought about 800 Jr. High and High School students to hear the gospel. Out of those who came, we saw hundreds commit their lives to Jesus Christ! Excitement is high, expectations are great, and we know that God is going to do another incredible work this Wednesday! But, we need to do our part. As this outreach opportunity draws closer, our job is to pray for, invite, and bring people.

Pray. God allows us to be a part of His work by praying in faith that He will do great things. Every aspect of the night needs to be saturated in our prayers.

  • Pray that many would come to the event.
  • Pray for Leeland and our worship to glorify God through their music
  • Pray that all technical aspects (e.g. video, sound, lights, etc.) would function well.
  • Most importantly, pray that God would move among the hearts of those who come, and that they would come into a saving relationship with Him.

Invite. How will people hear about Uprising if you don’t tell them? Post the event on Facebook, tweet about it, send a text message as your reading this. Hand out flyers at school or drive to the mall and invite people there. We need to get the word out about this awesome event so that people can hear the life-changing message of the gospel!

Bring. Even better than merely inviting someone is physically bringing them to church for Uprising. Most of those who are saved at Harvest Crusades were brought by a friend, and we have that same opportunity for this event. People are much more likely to come if you provide a way for them to get there, and buying them food helps too.

If we do our part, this promises to be an incredible day that we will praise God for in the years to come. We pray that this event will be a major part of an Uprising among the young people in America to turn to Jesus Christ and live their lives to reflect His glory in our nation.

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