Every Wednesday night we gather together to hear and read the word of God. Our current series is called “Honest to God”, this study is focused on the authentic life of David, the young shepherd boy who becomes God’s anointed and King over Israel. Opening up these scriptures well help us to realize that there is a greater King to come, the son of David, King Jesus. Come join us as we continue to Learn and grow in Christ.

Honest To God introduction: Life of David by Aaron Adame

Authentic Surrender 1 Samuel 1 by Brad Jr.

Authentic Obedience 1 Samuel 15  by Adam Eaton

Authentic Devotion 1 Samuel 16 by Brad Jr.

Authentic Courage 1 Samuel 17 by Aaron Adame

Authentic Friendship 1 Samuel 18 by Brad Jr.

Authentic Mercy 1 Samuel 24 by Brad Jr.

Authentic King 2 Samuel 7 & Psalm 2 by Brad Jr.





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