There are thousands of influences that attempt to shape the way we think about God, life, the world, and people. We are bombarded with arguments and different ideas on social media everyday, and they can cause us to lose sight of the most important things.

The theme of this year’s camp is “Sola,” which is a Latin word meaning “alone.” This word is used to define five foundational ideas of Christianity that are meant to form the way that we think and live. These five ideas are: Christ alone, scripture alone, through faith alone, by grace alone, to the glory of God alone. At this camp, we’ll strive to focus our view on God alone and allow Him to influence the way that we see the world.

This camp will challenge us to consider what it means to think and live in a biblical way through powerful teaching from God’s Word and music from the Activate Worship Band. The weekend will also be full of fun days on the lake, where we’ll play Olympic style games, go on the zip line or blob, and you’ll be able to meet new people your age!

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