Activate Wednesday
This is our main night of ministry and the primary way of being a part of Activate High School. The service is held in the Loft at 7pm on Wednesday nights right after our small groups, which meet at 6:15. The intention of the night is to meet with God through the study of his word, the singing of his praises, and the fellowship of his people.

Activate Fridays
Every Friday, we have a variety of ways for you to get involved here at Activate. We rotate between doing community group events, street witnessing, and other off-campus activities. Activate Fridays provides a unique end for your school week to hang out with other believers your age. For a list of events, you can check the Activate calendar.

Community groups
These give a perfect opportunity to meet new people and to be encouraged in your faith by those your age and leaders at Activate. Community groups meet on Wednesday nights before service at 6:15pm.

Students With A Testimony (SWAT) is Activate’s outreach ministry. On Friday Nights, we take a team to share the gospel through our words and actions. This can be through street witnessing, a service project or another way to reach out to our community with the love of Christ. Street witnessing happens every Friday night at 6pm in the Prayer Chapel, and you can check the calendar for other opportunities.

Twice a year we go up to the mountains to get away from distractions, focus on the Lord and have tons of fun. We have amazing worship and relevant bible studies, along with exciting activities like team sports, zip lines, tree swings, lake games and much more. Over the years, we have seen literally thousands of high school kids have their lives changed at one of our camps.

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