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“Do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewal of your mind…” (Romans 12:2)

Let’s face it—you’re only at camp for a weekend. Life is still going on now that you’re home, as you’re facing a culture that denies God’s Word and exchanges the truth for a lie. But the attitude of worship doesn’t have to stop here; you have the choice to allow things in your life that are going to draw you to worship God or pull you away from the truth.

What you choose to listen to will ultimately dominate the way you think. As our culture pushes for the worship of drugs, sex, fame, and money, these ideologies are heavily reflected in much of mainstream music today.

We’ve decided to share a few bands that not only sound awesome, but will also encourage you to stay focused on Jesus Christ. You can also subscribe to our Activate High School profile on Spotify, where you’ll find these artists and more!


(1) All Sons & Daughters


Season One (2012)

The Longing (2012)

 Live (2013)



(2) Bethel Music



 For The Sake Of The World (2012)

 The Loft Sessions (2012)

  Be Lifted High (2011)

  Here Is Love (2011)


You May Know:

  • “I’ve Found A Love”
  • “Love Came Down”
  • “Your Love Never Fails”


(3) Elevation Worship

song 3


 Nothing Is Wasted (2013)

For The Honor (2011)

 Kingdom Come (2010)

 We Are Alive (2008)


(4) For King & Country

song4 Album:

 Crave (2012)





(5) Gungor

song5 Albums:  

 A Creation Liturgy (2012)

Ghosts Upon The Earth (2011)

 Beautiful Things (2009)



 (6) Hillsong United

song6 Albums:  

 Zion (2013)

Aftermath (2011)

Across The Earth: Tear Down The Walls (2010)



You May Know:

  • “You Hold Me Now”
  •  “Arms Open Wide”
  •  “Relentless”
  •  “Scandal Of Grace”
  •  “Hosanna”


(7) John Mark McMillan


 The Song Inside The Sounds Of Breaking Down (2012)

Economy (2011)

 The Medicine (2010)



You May Know:

  • “How He Loves”


(8) Leeland

song8 Albums:  

 The Great Awakening (2011)

Love Is On The Move (2009)

 Opposite Way (2008)

 Sound Of Melodies (2006)


You May Know:

  • “I Wonder”
  • “Yes You Have”



song9 Albums:  

 The Reckoning (2011)

The Outsiders (2009)

 The Heat (2007)



(10) Phil Wickham



 Response (2011)

Singalong 1 & 2 (2010, 2012)

 Heaven & Earth (2009)

 Cannons (2007)


You May Know:

  • “Heaven Fall Down”
  • “True Love”
  • “This Is The Day”
  •  “At Your Name”

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