Camp was a MERE success!


The theme was MERE because sometimes Christianity can seem complicated, yet Jesus makes it simple, love God, love people and share this Gospel love with the world. It’s perfect to say that some of the best things in life come in simplicity, and that was exactly what was experienced this camp! God was good to us by working out all the details and making our time on the snow-filled mountain epic.


The primary reason we do these retreats is in hopes of seeing young lives transformed and renewed by the Gospel. One of the most memorable moments was Saturday night. Adam Eaton was preaching on the second greatest commandment, “Loving Others”. At the end of his teaching, Adam, gave a call to the students to come to the front and to receive prayer from the leaders. One by one kids came up to the front to receive prayer, it was an impactful moment as God was working in the hearts of the students. The response was amazing, students were letting down their walls as they approached the front, trusting the leaders with their brokenness before the Lord. God wants transparency, complete vulnerability so that He may have His way in our hearts.


So with all that said, thank you to everyone who was able to make it to camp! We appreciate all the hard work and sacrifices that were made to be a part of this amazing retreat. Thank you, worship team, for doing an excellent job in leading us in songs of praise, bringing passion to our hearts. Thank you, leaders, for serving the students; your investment has eternal value. And lastly, thank you, pastors, for your vision, dedication to the word of God, and oversight.


Until next time, keep the leg wrestling at a minimum.

Here’s a link to our Podcast from camp

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