Why do so many people lose their faith in high school or right after it?What can students do to stay strong in their faith through high school years? How can students build strong friendships with other Christians?

These are a few questions we hope to address today after each service in the Loft at our High School Ministry information meeting.

We’d love to connect with all of the parents and students at our church for two primary reasons: (1) to impact the next generation of students with the gospel and to see them mature and grow in the grace and knowledge of Jesus, (2) to partner alongside the parents of our church for the purpose of equipping and impacting families.

At this meeting, you’ll learn about small groups, camps, activities and the numerous other ways for students to get involved at Activate. We’d also love to hear your input, so we can continue to grow and thrive as a youth group.

Every new student will get free dessert from Momma’s SnoBalls (trust us, it’s amazing!). We hope to see you there!

Where: the Loft at Harvest Riverside
When: Sunday, August 23rd, after each morning service


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