Since 1990, Harvest Crusades has put on large-scale evangelistic outreaches around the United States and in Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. More than 4,405,000 people have attended a Harvest Crusades event in person, and more than 370,900 people have registered decisions of faith in Jesus Christ.

Harvest Crusades events are designed to be opportunities for Christians to invite family members, coworkers, friends, and acquaintances to hear the life-changing message of the gospel in an environment that is entertaining, yet nonthreatening.

The cornerstone of each event is the presentation of the gospel by Pastor Greg Laurie. Biblically-sound and culturally relevant, Pastor Greg brings a clear gospel message, providing an opportunity for people to make a decision to accept Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior.


This year, Harvest is hosting two outreaches, taking place in Anaheim, CA  on August 25-26 and Los Angeles, CA on September 8-9. In addition to this, Harvest is reaching out like never before. On August 26, Harvest is launching a nation-wide outreach called Harvest America, where the gospel message will reach millions through our modern technology. What exactly is Harvest America? Here’s how it is going to work:

What if on One Day, churches from all over the nation brought in the Harvest Crusade and streamed it live right into their church? At last year’s Harvest, individuals watched the live stream broadcast from every state of the union and 32 countries around the world! Now, with HD-quality video available through Internet streaming and satellite, people could fill churches, theaters, coffee houses, and living rooms, linking together as One Church in thousands of locations.

For what purpose? One Message! The only message that can save a soul—the simple proclamation of the gospel, which will be given from a gifted evangelist, Greg Laurie.

And if this is repeated over the next three years, we could conservatively see more than five million people in live-stream events and effectively see some 500,000 professions of faith! That’s more than we’ve seen in our 22-year history of Harvest Crusades!

Harvest America has the potential to be one of the largest evangelical outreaches in all of history! That’s truly remarkable! And here at Activate, we have the opportunity to be involved with it and support our Senior Pastor, Greg Laurie, as he preaches the gospel. For both Harvest Crusades, we are taking a team of 50 people down to Anaheim and LA to invite people at the beaches, malls, and city hot spots to the events, and attempt to move beyond an invitation to a conversation where we can share the gospel with them. Please pray for Pastor Greg, the Harvest Crusade team, the SWAT Team, and all of the people who will hear the gospel message!


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