Harvest America 2014

Everything truly is bigger in Texas. The buildings, churches, food, and bug bites are all big. But the harvest is also bigger in Texas! We saw the Lord do amazing things at Harvest America, as 20,000 people attended the live event in Dallas, and 1,102 people made professions of faith. With the event broadcasted around the country, over 100,000 people joined in live attendance at host venues, with about 3,500 professions of faith. That is amazing!

As always, the SWAT Team joined the Harvest Crusade with an army of students to pass out invitations and to share the gospel through street evangelism. And we did just that in Dallas! We passed out thousands of invitations, and personally prayed with 53 people to receive Christ as Lord and Savior. Students took steps of faith, raised a ton of money to travel to Dallas, engaged in many spiritual conversations, and the Lord was glorified! Some planted seeds, others watered seeds, and God gave the increase. It surely was an abundant harvest, both at Harvest America and with the SWAT Team!

And, we had a ton of fun as we ate amazing Texas BBQ and adventured around at the Texas State Fair. It was awesome, y’all!

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Read all about our trip from these news articles with student testimonies! Big thanks to the Christian Post and the Christian Examiner for writing about our SWAT Trip!

Here it from the students themselves. Here are two testimonies about our trip:

“Sharing the gospel in Dallas is similar to sharing the gospel in southern California, but with some new challenges presented. The location obviously is different, and the people have an array of different personalities. Even so, the saving power of the gospel always reaches across barriers that are set up, and God was able to reveal himself to several people that we shared our faith with. One conversation in particular that I had with a kid from west Dallas really helped me understand the spiritual state of much of the youth of Dallas. He explained that one of the things that turns him off from Christianity is that so many people profess to follow Christ, yet deny him with their actions. I realized that God had used us as representatives for him by our actions more than our words.”  Josh, 17
“Coming to Dallas was one of the greatest experiences for me! One of my absolute favorite things to do is encourage young girls in their faith and answer questions that they might have about God. This trip I had the privilege to encourage this sweet young girl in her faith and really just remind her that God loves her no matter what and that He will never leave or forsake her, even when it feels like He isn’t there. I got to pray with her and just love on her the way Jesus would; it was such a sweet moment for both of us. Encouraging people and reminding them of God’s wonderful promises definitely helps me grow in my knowledge and love for the Lord. There’s nothing I’d rather do than share my faith and let people know about God’s wonderful love. It’s such a blessing to me and the person I’m sharing with.” Maria, 16

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