Community Groups

Community Groups are small groups that meet for the purpose of discipleship, fellowship, and accountability. This is the perfect place to both develop and deepen friendships, connect with other believers, and grow in your faith. Each group meets from 6:15-6:45pm every Wednesday night before service, where a college-aged leader disciples, encourages, and shares with high school students. The small groups are split between gender, where guys meet with guys and girls meet with girls. This is a great opportunity to build friendships and receive discipleship! Sign-up at the information table on Wednesday night, or contact us to sign-up!


Twice a year, we get away from the distractions down in the city and we head up to the mountains to get away and spend some time with the Lord at our Summer and Winter Camps. With motivating guest speakers, talented guest artists, and lots of exciting activities, camps are always the perfect combination of faith and fun. The Lord always does a great work through the teaching of His Word, the intimate times of worship, and the encouragement from the counselors during group time. Many lives are changed at camp–it is a spiritual investment that’s worth making!

Swat Trips 

Every year, Harvest puts on one of the nation’s largest evangelistic events: the Harvest Crusades. In order to support this incredible event, the high school ministry sends a team of students to invite people and share the gospel in the city where the crusade is held.


The Haven

Girls need their girl time. And that’s what The Haven is all about. Whether it’s a D.I.Y. craft, baking, playing games, or an overnighter, The Haven provides a safe-haven for girls to learn about the Lord and discuss many important topics that are relevant for today’s young ladies. The girls always have great fellowship, cook good food, and have fun as they are encouraged from the girl leaders of the ministry.

The Refuge

Sometimes, guys just need to be guys. And that’s exactly what The Refuge is for. At the Refuge, guys are able hang out and do guy things, like compete in sports events, rock-climb, hike, and stay up all night at the guys overnighter. When the guys come together, you can be sure that we will feast on some food, have godly fellowship, and receive encouragement to rise up and be young men of God.

Service Projects

As the Lord leads, we have the priveledge of serving both our Church and community through various service projects. If there is a need in the Church, or an opportunity to reach out to our community, students in Activate can come together to serve in the name of Jesus and meet a need. Whether its ministering to the widowed, cleaning a yard, visiting a retirement home, or cleaning grafitti, students are always blessed as they get to love on others.

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