dis·ci·pline- The practice of training to obey rules or a code of behavior

Discipline is hard. We often try to discipline themselves into keeping a regular exercise schedule, to finish homework on time, to clean the house, etc. The reason that we try to do these things is because they give us the thing that we really desire—we exercise so that we are in shape; we finish homework on time to get good grades; we clean the house to stay organized. But it can be difficult to do these things regularly.

Just like with exercise or homework, it takes discipline to grow in Christ. We must exercise the spiritual disciplines, like reading the bible, praying and worship. Doing these things gives us what we really desire: more of Jesus.

This Wednesday (January 6th), we’re starting a new series called “Gains” that will talk about how to be spiritually disciplined. Through it, we hope to become better at these spiritual disciplines so that we can grow closer to Christ.

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