Fleet: A group of ships sailing together, engaged in the same activity, under the same ownership.

There are a lot of metaphors in Scripture that are used to describe what it means to be united to Christ and to one another (e.g., body, temple, vine, etc.). The metaphor of a fleet is helpful because it takes common words and connects them simply by their ending: ship. The six topics that will be discussed in this new series at Activate on Wednesday nights are: Fellow·ship, Friend·ship, Relation·ship, Leader·ship, Disciple·ship, Steward·ship.

Therefore, the Fleet series is a study of a group of ships. As you think about these words, one thing you should notice is that none of them are possible without multiple people involved. So, in taking the metaphor a little further, we learn: as disciples of Christ, we are like a fleet of ships sailing together (community), engaged in the same activity (love), and are under the same ownership (Christ’s).

Are you ready to sail the open seas and take an adventure exploring the wonders of Christian community? As Jack Sparrow once said, “Bring me that horizon.”

Fleet Study Guide

We will also discuss these topics in our small groups with our Fleet Study Guide. Make sure you download it, read it, and use it to take notes on Wednesday nights at Activate!


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