If you would have told me what I am about to tell you 6 years ago, I wouldn’t have believed you. But recently, Pastor Greg has asked me to come on staff as a Pastor at Harvest. God is truly amazing and gracious to the undeserving.

The first ministry I served in when I became a Christian at twenty years old was the High School ministry. I was asked to become a leader at a time when I didn’t think that God could (or even wanted to) use a broken person like me; but he did. I took the opportunity with reverence and excitement. I loved meeting new students and being a part of SWAT ministry on Friday nights, where I shared my faith with total strangers. I know that the teenage years are pivotal in a person’s development where life altering decisions are being made for either good or bad. I was glad to be a part of that influence in a teenager’s life.

A year later I was hired on as an intern and so blessed to be a part of the staff at Harvest. Through SWAT ministry I was able to travel all over with the Harvest Crusades, sharing the gospel and teaching other youth ministries to do the same. I couldn’t believe the opportunities I had working at Harvest. Despite all the cool stuff that came with doing ministry, in the early years of working on staff things were actually very difficult for me. I struggled with wondering what God’s will was for my life and yet tried to stay focused on the ministry tasks at hand. But with time and a lot of redirecting, God showed me that he was calling me to be a pastor at Harvest.

In the over 7 years that I have been serving, and 6 years that I have been working in Activate, I have seen a lot of students and leaders come and go. But I can say with full confidence and thanks to God that I have never seen the High School ministry in a better spot than it is right now. The Leadership is incredible; we have so many focused, unified, gifted, diversified, loving, compassionate and mature people I can’t help but praise God for that. I also have never seen so many of the students involved in the events in the ministry. With SWAT having record numbers as well as our camps, SWAT trips, holiday events and service projects, the Activate Ministry is a blessing to serve in.

But as the new pastor on staff at Harvest, there are new roles for me to fill. Which means (as most of you already know) that I am no longer going to be serving at Activate (insert here: weeping and gnashing of teeth). I have been asked to take over the Connect: Small Groups ministry of Harvest as well as some other Helps Ministries. I am very excited about this new chapter in my life and ministry. But that excitement is only possible because I know that everyone still plugging away in Activate is fully able and equipped to continue the work needed in the lives of the students. Of course you can imagine there is a great deal of sadness as my wife Michelle and I leave Activate knowing we won’t see all of you as often. But I know that the relationships we’ve made will continue on as we all grow in the Lord in our individual seasons of life. Feel free to always contact me if you ever need anything; my wife and I are always here for all of you.

Let this verse challenge and uplift you as you continue in the Activate Ministry.  1 Peter 3 says, “But even if you should suffer for the sake of righteousness, you are blessed. And do not fear their intimidation, and do not be troubled, BUT SANCTIFY CHRIST AS LORD IN YOUR HEARTS…”

Pastor Aaron Adame

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