Twice a year, we get away from the distractions down in the city and we head up to the mountains to get away and spend some time with the Lord at our Summer and Winter Camps. With motivating guest speakers, talented guest artists, and lots of exciting activities, camps are always the perfect combination of faith and fun. The Lord always does a great work through the teaching of His Word, the intimate times of worship, and the encouragement from the counselors during group time. Many lives are changed at camp–it is a spiritual investment that’s worth making!

Service Projects

As the Lord leads, we have the priveledge of serving both our Church and community through various service projects. If there is a need in the Church, or an opportunity to reach out to our community, students in Activate can come together to serve in the name of Jesus and meet a need. Whether its ministering to the widowed, cleaning a yard, visiting a retirement home, or cleaning grafitti, students are always blessed as they get to love on others.

Missions Trips

We have the opportunity to share the love of Jesus with our words and works in foreign lands through various missions trips. We are able join the Harvest Missions Team through Harvest Relief Corps and short-term Mexico Mission Trips. This is a great way to gain new perspective about life and people, and to reach out to those who are in need.

Apologetics Missions Trips

This is a one-of-a-kind training and evangelism experience that immerses students in real-life apologetics, theology, and evangelism. We have the opportunity to team up with the Harvest Apologetics Ministry and go to various cities and states to learn about different religions. This takes place through classroom training and real-world experiences by sharing the gospel with atheists and different religions on college campuses and various cities hot spots.

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