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April 9, 2012

Christ’s Cries from the Cross: The Prophecy of Parchedness — John 19:28

by KC

The Word: “I thirst.”

The Breakdown: This statement reveals the humanity of Christ because His genuine thirst displays that He was truly human. For some, it’s difficult to view Christ as a real human because of His dual nature as the God-man (deity and humanity), but it is clear that Jesus suffered as a human in the place of other humans. Therefore, Jesus experienced the true pain of the cross.

Activate: Not only was Christ thirsty for physical reasons, but also for spiritual purposes. John writes that Jesus said “I thirst” in order to fulfill the Scripture, which refers to Psalm 69:21. By making such a declaration, He declares Himself to be the Savior through whom the world must be saved and shows His complete and meticulous fulfillment of the Messianic prophecies.

A Thought: Due to the fatigue, grief, and loss of blood, Christ’s tongue stuck to His jaw (Psalm22:15). Jesus went to the cross and was given sour wine to quench His physical thirst so that you can go to Him to receive living water to quench your spiritual thirst (John 4:14)!

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