There are three topics that often come up when discussing Christianity: other religions, drugs, and abortion. This past Wednesday night at Activate, Pastor Jason talked about what the Bible has to say about these topics and more.

Other Religions

Christianity claims to be the only way to God, but how can we dismiss what every other religion teaches? Are there any ways that we can know which religions are true and which ones are not?

In analyzing worldviews, there are three tests that we can use to examine the truth—to see if what they teach should be believed. Those tests are: empirical adequacy, logical consistency, and existential relevance.

Empirical Adequacy 

In order for a worldview to be considered legitimate, it must have evidence. This evidence can come from archeology, science or another kind of academic discipline that allows us to look at hard, tangible evidence. Many religions are unable to provide any actual evidence to suggest that their beliefs are valid, which causes us to determine that they must be untrue.

Christianity, however, has a lot of evidence to support believing what it teaches. For more examples of the empirical evidence behind the Bible, check out our blog on the Bible here.

Logical Consistency

The question behind logical consistency is whether or not the worldview matches up with reality—if it can be proved by logic. There are many beliefs that are simply make no sense and constantly contradict themselves.

Philosophers over the ages have given great reason to believe that Christianity is, indeed, true. For an article about why we believe that Christianity is logically consistent, click here.

Existentially Relevant 

Even if it seems that a worldview is true, people will only believe it if it actually works. If a religion claims that it has the ability to change lives, and there is no evidence that it has changed anyone’s life, it can be questioned whether or not it is true.

Across the ages, millions and millions of people’s lives have been changed by the power of the gospel and the message of Christianity. There are countless people who can attest to the fact that the message of the Bible is true because their lives have been radically altered by it.

We find that by examining different worldviews through these tests that Christianity alone is able to stand up to them. Other religions and worldviews inevitably fail at empirical adequacy, logical consistency or existential relevance.


This will only be a very short explanation about how we should think about drugs as Christians; for a more thorough discussion of it, check out our podcast here.

It becomes clear through any social examination that drugs are not good for people or the culture at large. However, many have come up with creative arguments to suggest that marijuana or other drugs are ok. We’ll only deal with one in this short article, and that is the argument that “God made it, so it must be good.”

There are several reasons why this is not a logical argument. First of all, if we were to apply this kind of thinking to other areas, it would not make any sense. You could argue that God created cyanide, a substance that is incredibly poisonous if it enters the human body. If God created that, why should we not use it as well.

In addition to the major health and social problems that are caused by drugs, we can confidently say that using drugs is a sin before God. The main principle that we must consider is that “anything that perverts the original intent of the creator is sin.” 1 Peter 5:8 commands us to be “sober-minded,” and this is impossible if we are under the influence of marijuana or any other substance that alters our mental state.

This was only a brief overview; to read more, here is a free e-book on the topic: Puff or Pass. 


The issue of abortion has been discussed a few times at Activate, but Pastor Jason briefly went over it again. His main argument was that when sperm and an egg unite, it creates a person. Therefore, it is never ever ok to “terminate” a pregnancy because when you do this, you are killing a person. For a more complete argument against abortion, we recommend the 180 Movie. You can watch it here.

This was an very short summary of the topics covered last Wednesday night, but if you have more questions about any of this, we strongly encourage you to check out the recommended resources at the end.

Listen to the audio message by clicking here.

Recommended Resources

Kingdom of the Cults by Walter Martin

Article: Why Believe Christianity over all Other Religions 

E-Book: Puff or Pass 

180 Movie






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