Do you want to have the same encouragement and friendship that you had in your cabin group up at camp? Then join a Connect Small Group! For the fall season (September 26 – December 12), we will be going through a small group curriculum called, Unashamed: Sharing and Showing the Gospel, which will cost $5. In this small book, we will continue our theme from camp and be very specific on how we can be “unashamed” at home, school, work, church, with friends, social media, purity, community, and the world. Each group is gender specific where girls meet with girls and guys meet with guys; and you can request to be with a friend or leader. The groups meet every Wednesday before service from 6:15pm – 6:45pm. Don’t miss out on this opportunity for discipleship, friendship, and fellowship. You will grow in your faith, have encouragement and accountability in your faith, and be able to strengthen the faith of others. Let’s be unashamed together by being plugged in to a Connect Small Group! If you would like to be in a group, please contact us or sign-up at any of our services!


Click on the image below to print/save the small group schedule:


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