Young people desire community. They join sports teams, clubs, and social networks and form friendships based on common interests. At Activate, we want students to be in community with one another based on the greatest of interests: knowing God and making Him known. Every Wednesday before Bible study, students meet in Community Groups from 6:15P.M. to 6:45 P.M. for the purpose of discipleship, fellowship, and accountability. Each group is gender-specific and is led by a college-aged counselor. These groups provide a great environment to develop and deepen godly friendships, and you can request to be in the same group with any leader or friend.

In order to take advantage of the free time that the summer season offers, the High School Community Groups will read through a book as a ministry! This summer, we are going to focus on the topic of understanding and applying the gospel. We will be reading What is the Gospel by Greg Gilbert. Check out the summer reading schedule below. The cost for the book is $10.

We’re really excited about the spiritual growth that will come as a result of meditating on the gospel message. If you would like to join a community group, please contact us at 951.687.6902 or email us at activatehighschool@harvest.org!

Summer Reading Schedule 36764_HS_Bookmark_PROOF

July 15:

  • Introduction

July 22:

  • Ch. 1: Finding the Gospel in the Bible

July 29:

  • Ch. 2: God the Righteous Creator
  • Ch. 3: Man the Sinner

August 5:

  • Ch.4: Jesus Christ the Savior
  • Ch.5: Response—Faith and Repentance

August 12:

  • Ch.6: The Kingdom

August 19

  • Ch. 7: Keeping the Cross at the Center

August 26

  • Ch. 8: The Power of the Gospel

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