Camp is almost here! Check out the CAMP LETTER AND MAP for all of the details!

ATTENTION: Stop everything you’re doing and get ready because Summer Camp is almost here!

You are reading this letter because you have decided to make a spiritual investment in your life by going to Activate High School Summer Camp! The theme of this camp is Momentum: The Righteous Move Forward.

Many young people are without direction, lacking the necessary motivation to move forward in life. But God is calling his people out of apathy and into action. As Job 17:9 says, we’re able to press on and advance, despite our circumstances and the world around us: “The righteous keep moving forward, and those with clean hands become stronger and stronger.”

There will be encouraging and challenging teaching from God’s Word and music from special guest artist, Stellar Kart, as well as the Activate Worship Band. In addition to powerful worship services, this weekend in the mountains will be a great opportunity to meet new friends and have fun on the lake. It’s going to be an awesome weekend spending time with the Lord and other people your age! Here are some details that you need to know:

• Balances are due on Wednesday, August 27. If you haven’t turned them in, please do so A.S.A.P. and also turn in your release form because you can’t go to camp without it.

• You must provide your own transportation to and from camp. See the map on the back of this page for directions.

– Check-in: Friday, August 29th from 4pm – 5:30pm. Dinner will start at 6:00pm, but you may check in later if necessary.

– Check-out: Monday, September 1st from 12pm – 1pm.

• A few things you will need for the weekend: a Bible, sleeping bag or bedding, towels for bathing, toiletries, sweatshirt or jacket, shoes, flashlight, swimsuit, and cash for the snack bar.

• When choosing your clothes, keep in mind the dress code, and dress modestly. Girls, no spaghetti strap shirts, short skirts, daisy dukes, or 2-piece bathing suits without a shirt; Guys, no Speedos (for all our sake)!

• Contact phone number FOR EMERGENCIES ONLY: 951.840.0848

Our prayer and desire is to serve you at this camp, and we promise that you are going to have a blast! You are going to meet new people, build stronger friendships, and make lasting memories. But most importantly, you are going to move forward in your relationship with the Lord!


God bless you,

Pastor Jason Powell and the High School Staff


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