Join Activate as we read through the entire New Testament in 2016!

We read God’s word because he speaks to us in it. We read it because it gives us direction, hope, encouragement. And we read it because it challenges and changes us.

As a ministry, it’s our desire to read the Word together so we can develop daily devotions with the Lord, grow in community by encouraging each other with what we read, and to learn more about who God is and how we are to live.

The structure is simple: read one chapter on every weekday. On the weekends, you can reflect on your reading or meditate on another passage; or if you miss a day, you can catch up!

We will started the New Testament reading plan on Monday, January 4th. If you’re behind, it will not be hard to catch up. Be sure to grab the reading plan on a Wednesday or download the one on this page.

As you read one chapter each day, here are some tips on how to draw close to the Lord through Bible reading:


  • Pray. Ask that the Lord would minister to your heart and give you understanding as you read.
  • Read slowly. The goal isn’t to rush through a chapter, but to draw close to the Lord.
  • Read thoughtfully. What is the author trying to communicate to his first-century audience?


  • Summarize. Think about the main point of the chapter. Consider how it relates to the rest of Scripture.
  • Ask questions. Is there a command to follow? A promise to trust in? A truth about God?
  • Clarify. For further understanding, use a study Bible, commentary, or ask a leader a question.


  • Apply. Think of how you can personally apply the passage to your life.
  • Pray. Thank the Lord and pray that you’d live out His Word through the Holy Spirit.
  • Share. Consider how you would share the meaning of the chapter with someone else.






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