March is already here! And that means one thing: Spring is on the way! We are excited to begin a new season with many opportunities for students to serve and to be served. As you do your Spring cleaning this year, don’t throw these dates away. Here’s what is coming up for the month of March:

March 8: Activate Movie Night

  • 7pm in the Court

March 15: No SWAT due to Harvest’s ReEnvision

March 22-23: The Haven Girls Overnighter

  • Friday, 10:00pm – Saturday, 8:00am in the Loft
  • $5; must bring a signed release form.
  • Click here to sign-up on our Facebook event!

March 29: Good Friday Service – 6pm | Apologetics Seminar – 7:30pm

  • No SWAT
  • Services will be held in the Sanctuary

March 31: Easter

  • Don’t forget to come by our fundraising booths and buy some Krispy Kreme donuts!

Winter Camp was awesome! We heard lots of great messages, started new friendships, and strengthened our walks with the Lord. God changed many hearts and lives as we saw Jesus in all His greatness! To hear the sermons from camp, check out our Podcast, and to see pictures from camp, go to our Facebook page. We are already looking forward to Summer Camp!

Activate Wednesday

The Lord always does a great work up on the mountain at camp, and we want the fire to continue burning! We are taking the camp theme and starting a new sermon series and small group study called He is Greater: The Claims of Christ. It’s our desire for the young people of God to treasure and value Jesus above all things and to see Him as greater than anyone or anything else. For this purpose, we will go through the Gospel of John and study the “I AM” statements of Christ. Through this study, students will see how the “I AM” can change who they are!

This is a great opportunity to bring friends out to church so that they can hear the gospel!  Every Wednesday night, Pastor Jason will teach about the person and work of Jesus. He will explain who Jesus is and what He does for those who follow Him. By nature, this series will be very evangelistic, so start praying about who you can invite!

Community GroupsGreater Schedule

Not only are we going to preach on the topic, but we are also going to discuss it in our Community Groups. Every Wednesday before Bible study, students meet in Community Groups from 6:15P.M. to 6:45 P.M. for the purpose of discipleship, fellowship, and accountability. Each group is gender-specific and is led by a college-aged high school ministry counselor. These groups provide a great environment to develop and deepen godly friendships. We will be going through a brand new curriculum, which only costs $1, and you can download the digital copy for free by clicking here: He is Greater: The Claims of Christ. (To open on your iPhone or iPad, open the PDF in iBooks or Kindle). Don’t miss out on this great opportunity to grow in your faith, make new friends, and see Jesus do greater things in your life than ever before. Sign-up for a Community Group at Activate on Wednesday nights, or contact us at

As always, we want to serve you and make ourselves available to you. For current updates and announcements, “like” us on Facebook. If you have any questions or needs, we would love to talk or meet with you. Please contact us at 951.687.6902 or email us at


In Christ,

The Activate High School Ministry Staff

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