Spring is often associated with new life and growth. The weather changes, the flowers bloom, and the leaves turn green. So, to start this season off right, we have some exciting things going on at Activate for students to grow in their walk with the Lord. Check out our special events for this month:

Activate Wednesday

We are continuing our series on Wednesday nights, He is Greater: The Claims of Christ. If you haven’t already, download our free digital study guide for your iPhone, iPad, iPod, or save it to your computer!

Click here to download!

So far, we’ve seen how Jesus is the Bread of Life, Light of the World, the Door, and the Resurrection and Life! As we look at the person and work of Jesus, it provides a perfect opportunity for you to bring your friends to church to hear the gospel. This series is leading up to an even bigger opportunity for evangelism…



In order to reach the youth of our city, the Activate High School Ministry is partnering with the Crux Jr. High Ministry to host an evangelistic outreach on April 24, called “Uprising.” Our first event was almost exactly a year ago, and our second was this past October; we are very excited for our third Uprising! We want the young people of our city to stop living for the things of this world and start living according to God’s Word. We want our youth to rise up and take ground for Christ and His Kingdom. We want students to make a difference in their homes, schools, churches, and communities. We want an uprising. We will have a concert with the bands Manafest and Worth Dying For, and an evangelistic message from Pastor Jason Powell.

  • Students: grab some flyers and stickers and get the word out! Make it your goal to bring at least one friend to the event who doesn’t know Jesus or go to church.
  • Parents: Challenge your children by being willing to bring all of their friends! Fill up the car and bring students to hear the gospel.

Here’s the info:

  • When: Wednesday, April 24 at 7pm (doors open at 6:30pm)
  • Where: The Court at Harvest Riverside
  • Cost: Free

Harvest America Philadelphia Trip 

This year, Harvest America will be broadcast from Philadelphia, and we will be taking a trip there to help with the event! Our team will be spending the days preceding Harvest America inviting people to it and sharing the gospel in the city. We will be leaving September 25th and coming home on September 30th, and it will cost around $800. This is a great opportunity to be used by the Lord to point people to Jesus and to participate in one of the largest evangelistic events in American history!

Haiti Missions Trip 

Please be praying for our team that will be going to Haiti in August of this year to help rebuild churches and minister to orphans who have been affected by the Earthquake.

Apologetics Missions Trip to Dearborn, Michigan

We will be taking a group of High Schoolers to Dearborn, Michigan to learn how to reach Muslims with the gospel. This is an incredible opportunity to become more confident in defending the truth to people of other faiths. In addition to gaining hands-on experience speaking to Muslims about Jesus, there will be many seminars with knowledgable Christian apologists, who will further grow us in our ability to reach out to those of the Islamic faith. The trip is from June 11th through the 15th and will cost $1000; this price will cover airfare, lodging and food.

As always, we want to serve you and make ourselves available to you. For current updates and announcements, “like” us on Facebook. If you have any questions or needs, we would love to talk or meet with you. Please contact us at 951.687.6902 or email us at activatehighschool@harvest.org

In Christ,

The Activate High School Ministry Staff

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