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Lovestruck Camp Recap


At Activate’s 2015 winter camp, we saw that the love of God strikes deep, and we are LOVESTRUCK. With 450 students, every chapel was packed with people praising God and listening to the teaching of His word. By the end of the weekend, 105 students made professions of faith and hundreds others made commitments to purity. Here are a few testimonials from students who went to camp:

“With camp landing on Valentine’s Day weekend, I got the opportunity to be reminded that God is love, and his love for us is so great. So glad I got to experience yet another camp!”– Ryin

“There are no words to describe how amazing this weekend was. I was blessed in so many ways that I will never forget. God is love.” – Alyssa

“Camp was such an amazing blessing as always! I had so much fun making new friends, reconnecting with old ones, and, of course, worshipping the Lord. The messages were so inspiring and I’m definitely now #lovestruck. God did amazing things this weekend and I’m excited to see what he has in store down the mountain. What a way to spend Valentine’s Day.” –Elizabeth

“First time at camp was fun! It’s so awesome to feel that my relationship with God is so much stronger now!” -Allan

“I’m so thankful for this opportunity to come up to the mountains away from everything and to just meet new friends and grow stronger in my faith with the Lord! I can’t even describe how much this camp has blessed me and how everyone around me has blessed me! Camp is an awesome time to come and get to know the Lord better, I could have never asked for a better weekend than this!” – Mariah

 “I’m so blessed to be surrounded by so many of my brothers and sisters in Christ for a weekend of worship to the one who gave us all.” – Chrystianna

“Camp this weekend was honestly the best weekend I’ve had in a while! New friendships were made, old friendships grew, and my relationship with God grew stronger. I learned that. . . He loves us because He is love. Everyone else’s love is measurable, but God’s gives us an endless love.” – Angelica

“I had such an amazing time at camp this weekend. It was awesome to worship God with my sisters in Christ and get closer with them and make more memories!” – Jaedyn

“High school camp was a great chance to escape the daily distractions and focus on growing in Christ.” -Josh

We are so blessed to see all that God is doing in the lives of students at Harvest, and we’re looking forward to see what He’ll do in the future!


Camp Letter & Map

Make sure you read over the camp letter and map! CLICK HERE FOR A PDF VERSION.

letter_Page_1 letter_Page_2


Profile: Who Am I?

I am ____________________.

The words that fill that blank reveal so much about us. But many times, they show us just how wrong we are—that we aren’t who we’re supposed to be. Because of sin, we find our identity—our value, worth, and sense of purpose—in things that are temporary and unsatisfying. We fill out our social media user profiles and try to be identified as a certain type of person, but we must ask this self-reflective question: Who am I? Thankfully, Scripture provides an answer:


Start 2015 off right at Activate as we begin our new series, Profile: Who Am I? We will look at who God has created us to be, and how we can live as young people who find our identity in Christ.

Wednesday nights at 7pm in the Loft at Harvest! Invite a friend!



Winter Camp 2015: LOVESTRUCK


It never ends. It doesn’t change. It reaches all. The love of God strikes deep, and we are LOVESTRUCK.

At this year’s Winter Camp, we’ll learn just how amazing God’s love really is. Based on 1 John 3:1, this year’s theme is LOVESTRUCK: “See what kind of love the Father has given to us…” God is love, and His love transforms. You’ll grow in your faith through great teaching and awesome worship, and you’ll have tons of fun with friends through snowball fights, inner tubing, and camp activities. And we will have awesome music from Manafest! You don’t want to miss this opportunity to get away from the busyness of life and have an awesome time in the snowy mountains!


When: February 13 – 15, 2015

Where: Calvary Chapel Christian Camp (32355 Green Valley Lake Rd. Green Valley Lake, CA 92341)

Cost: $145

Registration: You can register at any of our services, on the Patio on Sunday mornings and nights, or online by clicking HERE.

Fundraising Opportunities: We have several ways that you can raise money for camp. You can do drink sales on Sunday morning and sell car wash tickets. Please see us at the info booth after one of our services.





Activate Christmas Dinner


We all know the excitement and anticipation of Christmas morning—the smell of breakfast, the feel of cold air, the sound of wrapping paper. This is something that everyone looks forward to on December 25th, but why wait that long? This year, Activate is hosting our annual Christmas dinner with the theme, “Christmas Morning.” It will be complete with breakfast for dinner, pajamas and lots of prizes to unwrap.

The dinner is free, but raffle tickets cost $1 each (or $5 for 7 tickets). The more you buy, the more chances you have of winning one of our grand prizes, including a free Winter Camp and an iPad Mini. You know you’ve always wanted to wear your onesie to church, so grab your pajamas and invite your friends to this free and festive event! Unlike the socks you got that one sad Christmas morning, this party will not disappoint! And best of all, we get to celebrate the coming of our Savior!

  • When: Wednesday night, December 17th at 7pm.
  • Where: The Loft
  • Cost: FREE!
  • Attire: Pajamas

RSVP and invite your friends on our Facebook Event Page!


Harvest America: Dallas SWAT Trip 2014

Harvest America 2014

Everything truly is bigger in Texas. The buildings, churches, food, and bug bites are all big. But the harvest is also bigger in Texas! We saw the Lord do amazing things at Harvest America, as 20,000 people attended the live event in Dallas, and 1,102 people made professions of faith. With the event broadcasted around the country, over 100,000 people joined in live attendance at host venues, with about 3,500 professions of faith. That is amazing!

As always, the SWAT Team joined the Harvest Crusade with an army of students to pass out invitations and to share the gospel through street evangelism. And we did just that in Dallas! We passed out thousands of invitations, and personally prayed with 53 people to receive Christ as Lord and Savior. Students took steps of faith, raised a ton of money to travel to Dallas, engaged in many spiritual conversations, and the Lord was glorified! Some planted seeds, others watered seeds, and God gave the increase. It surely was an abundant harvest, both at Harvest America and with the SWAT Team!

And, we had a ton of fun as we ate amazing Texas BBQ and adventured around at the Texas State Fair. It was awesome, y’all!

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Read all about our trip from these news articles with student testimonies! Big thanks to the Christian Post and the Christian Examiner for writing about our SWAT Trip!

Here it from the students themselves. Here are two testimonies about our trip:

“Sharing the gospel in Dallas is similar to sharing the gospel in southern California, but with some new challenges presented. The location obviously is different, and the people have an array of different personalities. Even so, the saving power of the gospel always reaches across barriers that are set up, and God was able to reveal himself to several people that we shared our faith with. One conversation in particular that I had with a kid from west Dallas really helped me understand the spiritual state of much of the youth of Dallas. He explained that one of the things that turns him off from Christianity is that so many people profess to follow Christ, yet deny him with their actions. I realized that God had used us as representatives for him by our actions more than our words.”  Josh, 17
“Coming to Dallas was one of the greatest experiences for me! One of my absolute favorite things to do is encourage young girls in their faith and answer questions that they might have about God. This trip I had the privilege to encourage this sweet young girl in her faith and really just remind her that God loves her no matter what and that He will never leave or forsake her, even when it feels like He isn’t there. I got to pray with her and just love on her the way Jesus would; it was such a sweet moment for both of us. Encouraging people and reminding them of God’s wonderful promises definitely helps me grow in my knowledge and love for the Lord. There’s nothing I’d rather do than share my faith and let people know about God’s wonderful love. It’s such a blessing to me and the person I’m sharing with.” Maria, 16

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Moving Forward Together: Summer Camp Recap

Many young people are without direction, lacking the necessary motivation to move forward in life. But, that wasn’t the case at MOMENTUM Summer Camp, where God called His people out of apathy and into action. As Job 17:9 says, we learned that we’re able to press on and advance, despite our circumstances and the world around us:34961_Momentum_graphic_new

“The righteous keep moving forward, and those with clean hands become stronger and stronger.”

At Summer Camp, we grew stronger together! Hundreds of students gained momentum to move forward in their faith as they heard awesome Bible studies from God’s Word and spent time together in discussion groups and free time. We heard about the temptations that will hinder our momentum, how we are to gain momentum together as the church, and how we gain the most momentum when God is our BAE (before anyone else). As always, free time was a blast, and the Olympics were competitive and fun! The guys stole the show in amateur hour, again. And, we heard a lot of great music from Stellar Kart, and had awesome times of worship with the Activate band. We are already looking forward to Winter Camp!

Let’s keep the momentum going on Wednesday nights at Activate, where we worship together and fellowship in community groups! If you’re not in a community group, you can sign up for one! See you there!